Power of Name: How to Get Connections

Power of Name: How to Get Connections

Chilling, Hanging Out

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By: Diana Viscusi and Zarema Ross

Everyone of us has friends - one or two at least, even if it is just your sister or mom. Some people have many friends, and they seem to make easy connections.

How do they do that? The secret is simple: get a name and ask a proper question.

Once you meet a new person, ask his or her name. Try to remember not only a name but also any particular feature about this person. It can be a hobby, a pet’s name or a an attitude towards some issue.

The next time when you meet this person, greet him by his name and ask about his hobby or his pet. He will be pleased because you paid attention to his name and something what he cares for.

Most of us like to be called by our names and talk about a subject that is personal.

The other issue is how to make connections. The answer is to question a person.

It is not as difficult as it seems.

Once standing in queue in a shop, you can compliment a person’s jacket, ask where he got that, and then introduce yourself.

Attend meetings, presentations, lectures, and workshops. While you are there, ask people simple questions like how they like the presentation. Ask their opinions on a subject, and then ask their names, introduce yourself, and exchange business cards if you have one.

Such events create a good environment for getting to know new people. For example, once I attended a student workshop held in college and met a girl who was a student ambassador. I was curious to know how she became a student ambassador, and after the lecture I asked her about it. Later, we exchanged names and phone numbers.

No matter where you are, do not hesitate to go up to a person and start talking to her. You simply ask a question, get her name and introduce yourself.

I even experienced this trick. My friend and I were waiting in line in a coffee shop and speaking in Russian to each other; one guy came to us and asked what language we were speaking. Thus, we started our conversation.

Be open to new connections. There is a world out there full of interesting people.

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