The Government Sucks At Spending Your Money

The Government Sucks At Spending Your Money


By: Kyle McIntyre


A recent breaking article by Politico talks of the government mishandling of hundreds of millions of dollars, graciously payed by the American tax payer. This colossal mishap occurred in the Pentagon in the Defense Logistics Agency, which is responsible for taking orders from the military for aircraft parts, food, as well as a multitude of other products.

According to Politico, "Ernst & Young found that the Defense Logistics Agency failed to properly document more than $800 million in construction projects, just one of a series of examples where it lacks a paper trail for millions of dollars in property and equipment."

This is just one of many situations where the Defense Logistics Agency mishandled millions in its budget. For instance, the audit done by Ernst & Young uncovers that the Defense Logistics Agency also did not properly record $46 million in computer assets.

The audit itself cost nearly $900 million and will occur annually to try to uncover wasteful spending and fix the accounting system, given the horrendous mistakes being made.

The audit that will cost almost $1 billion annually would not be needed if the Government actually knew how to efficiently spend money, but the horrible truth is that the Government will mishandle money as it has always done. Despite this truth known by all, often spoken of in jokes about pot-hole filled roads, people will still graciously hand over their hard earned money to a government that will use it in an inefficient manner or might just lose it.

The issue is not just the government wasting taxpayer money, but the fact that many Americans are content with handing over money just to see the government misuse it. Until the mindset of the American people changes to hold the government accountable for its inefficiency with spending, the cycle of increased budgets and increased budgetary mishaps will continue as it always has.

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