Financial Solutions With Steve Burton

Financial Solutions with Steve Burton

How financially secured are you? Have you ever asked yourself such an alarming question? Not many of us ask such questions. Sometimes we'd like to avoid something that is so important to us, thinking only of today.  Aren’t you tired of  living from paycheck to paycheck?  Maybe in the future you would like to be more financially secured than now; most people would give a simple solution: just do it! However, many just ignore their situation and spend their money on unnecessary things or gifts that are not that important.

Do you know who Steve Burton is?

I didn’t either. I just heard someone was speaking on the local Virginia Beach radio about financial insecurities and how to create a strategy to be more successful with your own money and also put it to work for you.

I signed up for an Oct. 4 seminar titled "Educating, Preparing, and Implementing Financial Strategies for Your Future" that was held at Ruth's Chris Steak House restaurant. It was very surprising to me to learn about social security benefits, pension and life insurance. At the end of the dinner, Steve Burton asked everyone to sign up for their complimentary meeting with him. What do you think I did, of course my financial situation is not that well. I asked him several questions how to get out of debt and of course there is nothing magical to tell you- you have to work, period.

This coming up Monday, October 16th 2017, I am going to interview Steve Burton. I am hoping to find out more about student debts and how to avoid those giant bills, such as Student loans and Loans in general.

Even if you are 21 years old, it is time to start saving at least $20 per paycheck.


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