Ten Random Students Discuss Choosing Their Majors

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Ten Random Students Discuss Choosing Their Majors


By: Zarema Ross


Have you ever thought why did you chose your major?


We asked ten random TCC students on the Virginia Beach Campus why they have chosen the majors they did:


“Still not sure what I really want to do. It’s not too specialized so that’s nice.” – Scott (General Studies)


“I’m thinking about this because it interests me.” – Maria (Law or Medicine)


“To help me decide what major I want to transfer to while getting my Associates degree. I like the amount of electives I can choose from to test the waters.” – Jennifer (General Studies)


“I chose this major because I am unsure of what I want to major in so until I figure that out I will stick with a General Studies degree.” – Tatiyana (General Studies)


“Music, because that has always been my biggest passion in life. Playing, listening, making; everything about music is very important to me. Marketing, because I want to be able to get a job after college and I’ve always noticed how a lot of good music or just good products weren't marketed very well, and I think that I can try and change that.” – Zack (Music & Marketing)


“To advance at work. I like the variety and broadness of my degree.” – Teresa (Business Administration)


“Chose it because it covers the basics of business. I want to own my own business in the near future so it seemed like a reasonable choice. Some classes are enjoyable especially when the professors are actually into the subject as well.” – Troy (Business Administration)


“To get a job/career in programming. Nothing, I choose it because it interests me. Being able to create things such as programs or systems.” – Ravi (Computer Science)


“I took a programming class in high school. I enjoyed the problem solving aspect of it.” – Trevor (Computer Science)


“I chose this major because I’ve always had a love for marine life.” – Isabelle (Marine Biology)


Have you chosen your major yet?

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