Law Enforcement And Public Safety Career Fair

Law Enforcement And Public Safety Career Fair


By: Diana Viscusi


This past Thursday, February 22nd, the TCC Virginia Beach campus held a Law Enforcement and Public Safety Career Fair in the Student Center Gymnasium from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

What does safety means for you? How much bad news have you seen this past week? Have you ever thought about a possible, unexpected state of emergency, and you freeze? Have you ever thought of being trained to handle those situations in order to protect your family, women, or kids ?

Even if you are not looking to become an officer or a firefighter, it really helps the community for you to be more involved, as well as more aware of your surroundings. I attended the Law Enforcement Career Fair that was held on the second floor of the Student Center; there were 17 representatives from different divisions. They were ready to tell you all about our proud police and divisions. I had a lovely conversation with an Officer J. Wallace. She is employed with the Portsmouth Police Department. Sometimes we do need heroes around our neighborhood, she said; “We do need some volunteers, the good way is to join police academy and become an auxillary Officer”. Wallace mentioned contacting recruiter Michael D Floriano, who will help you to understand how to join and become either a volunteer during your summer break or to help your community and maybe be a future hero.

What I really enjoyed about this event was how organized the police officers were. They were sharp looking, showing professionalism and dedication about their career. Have you ever thought of helping your community or participating in the action? It is great opportunity to help and be engaged in your neighborhood. There is an EMS program available for those who need extra points on their resume. You could find the information over at the Bayside Building Career Center on the first floor. I would encourage the students of TCC to attend because you never know what interesting facts or programs you could discover.

I liked this event because of the opportunity to build your network and to know your police force, who protects you and puts their lives on the line. They are people who are helpful and always there for you in  emergency situations. They also have jobs for civilians such as operators, clerks, animal officers, natural resource technicians, you name it. You have the choice to make, and to be, the change in your community.

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