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InterVarsity Christian Fellowship: “Cultural Conversations”

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship: Cultural Conversations   On Wednesday April 18, the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship will be holding a conference entitled "Cultural Conversations," intended to garner discussions surrounding race, ethnicity, racism, and how they affect various aspects of our lives. It will provide attendees the opportunity "to see what it means to have a heart for…
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Ten Random Students Discuss Choosing Their Majors

Image obtained from   Ten Random Students Discuss Choosing Their Majors   By: Zarema Ross   Have you ever thought why did you chose your major?   We asked ten random TCC students on the Virginia Beach Campus why they have chosen the majors they did:   “Still not sure what I really want to…
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Candy Man “Zippo”

Candy Man “Zippo” By: Diana Viscusi   One night at the restaurant I work at, I had a happy experience that made my day a little bit better. Donald Edward Winder, or "Zippo man", as people call him, visits every single restaurant at the Oceanfront and gives away one candy at a time. He started…
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