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TCC Business/Entrepreneur Club

TCC Business/Entrepreneur Club By: Zarema Ross   The Business/Entrepreneur Club at the TCC Virginia Beach campus is now meeting every Thursday at 12:30 p.m. in Room G129. You haven’t heard about it yet? It is “pretty much [a place] where we spread ideas, and get ideas from people who are already in business so that you may…
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Life Skills Series: Adulting

Image obtained from   Life Skills Series: Adulting By: Zarema Ross   This week TideWater Community College (TCC) started the Life Skills Series. On Monday, February 12, the Virginia Beach Student Center held a lecture on  “ADULTING” where students could learn effective time management and budgeting skills. If you couldn’t attend the event, here are…
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The Case For All-Gender Bathrooms

The Case For All-Gender Bathrooms   By: Megan Davis   Currently speaking, Tidewater Community College does have a diversity inclusion policy, as it is a school that prides itself on being diverse and open-minded. The diversity & inclusion policy states this on Tidewaters official website: "Tidewater Community College is dedicated to cultivating and sustaining a…
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Life Skills Lecture Series

Image obtained from   Life Skills Lecture Series   By: Zarema Ross   Several interesting lectures are coming up:   “ADULTING”, Monday, February 12. Learn more effective Time Management and Budgeting skills. “RELATIONSHIPS”, Monday, February 19. Improve your ability to communicate effectively in your relationships. “SELF-CARE”, Monday, February 26. Develop techniques to cope with stress and other emotional…
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