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The Case For All-Gender Bathrooms

The Case For All-Gender Bathrooms   By: Megan Davis   Currently speaking, Tidewater Community College does have a diversity inclusion policy, as it is a school that prides itself on being diverse and open-minded. The diversity & inclusion policy states this on Tidewaters official website: "Tidewater Community College is dedicated to cultivating and sustaining a…
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Resolutions: Yes Or No?

Resolutions: Yes or No?   By Megan Davis   We’ve all been there: New Years is around the corner and we promise ourselves that we'll do things differently, but how long do they actually last? Do people still make them? I decided to ask some students and find out. The results were incredibly mixed. I…
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Justice League Review

Image provided by   Justice League Film Review By: Megan Davis   Justice League has received somewhat mixed reviews when you compare audience scores to critic reviews. The consensus seems to be that the film scored quite well with audience members, but not so great with the critics.   Justice League scored 7.4/10 on…
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