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Law Enforcement And Public Safety Career Fair

Law Enforcement And Public Safety Career Fair   By: Diana Viscusi   This past Thursday, February 22nd, the TCC Virginia Beach campus held a Law Enforcement and Public Safety Career Fair in the Student Center Gymnasium from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. What does safety means for you? How much bad news have you seen…
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Candy Man “Zippo”

Candy Man “Zippo” By: Diana Viscusi   One night at the restaurant I work at, I had a happy experience that made my day a little bit better. Donald Edward Winder, or "Zippo man", as people call him, visits every single restaurant at the Oceanfront and gives away one candy at a time. He started…
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The Importance Of Breathing

The Importance Of Breathing By: Diana Viscusi   A while ago I discovered the importance of breathing. It came to me during my first yoga practice. In a society full of everyday problems: worrying about money, good looks, high social status, happy marriages, etc., we don’t even think about the essentials, like the quality of…
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Financial Solutions With Steve Burton

Financial Solutions with Steve Burton How financially secured are you? Have you ever asked yourself such an alarming question? Not many of us ask such questions. Sometimes we'd like to avoid something that is so important to us, thinking only of today.  Aren’t you tired of  living from paycheck to paycheck?  Maybe in the future…
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