Justice League Review

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Justice League Film Review

By: Megan Davis


Justice League has received somewhat mixed reviews when you compare audience scores to critic reviews. The consensus seems to be that the film scored quite well with audience members, but not so great with the critics.


Justice League scored 7.4/10 on IMDB, which is quite good but definitely not great in comparison to DC’s previous film, Wonder Woman, which came out earlier this year and scored extremely well with both the audience and critics. Justice League was generally much better than Batman Vs Superman which was poorly rated by both audience and critic reception. Justice League received a 40% critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes and an 84% by audience members. You can see the stark contrast in reviews depending on who was watching it. That being said, if you want to go see a superhero film for the fun of it, then Justice League is definitely the film to go and see this weekend. However, if you are interested in seeing a superhero film for its smart and clever plotlines and storyline, then Justice League might disappoint. The film did play it rather risky, premiering only two weeks after Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok, which did extremely well at the box office. Because of this, many fans are left leaving Justice League already comparing it to Ragnarok. Although Marvel has technically nothing to do with its rival DC, fans of the superhero genre were bound to compare the two films regardless.


Justice League did a good job with rounding up the superheroes that were previously introduced in the other DC Universe films such as Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman while mixing in and introducing the other members such as Aquaman, Cyborg, and The Flash; although they did a good job with what they had, the delivery of the new members who had never had their own solo film before, or been properly introduced on camera, felt slightly rushed. Obviously, DC did not decide to take the path that Marvel did and give each superhero an individual solo movie or introduction in another's solo movie before throwing them all together in The Avengers, which paid off rather well for Marvel.


Given the fact that DC had never introduced characters like The Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg, they played an exciting new part in the DC Universe. The Flash, in particular, provided enough comic relief to keep the film rolling nicely throughout all the action-packed scenes. Ezra Miller had to compete against pretty high stakes considering many fans were already comparing his performance to the much-loved actor Grant Gustin, who plays The Flash on the CW’s hit series. As a comic book reader, I for one found Ezra Miller to be an excellent Flash. The film provided enough humor to make the movie very enjoyable at times, and there was certainly no lack of action provided for viewers. Although the storyline felt a little rushed and fast-paced in order to jumble all the older and newer superheroes together into one ensemble was a bit messy, I do think that DC did the best they could give a relatively large cast, as well as having several larger and smaller storylines occurring at once.


Justice League generally did not take itself too seriously, although it attempted to at certain parts. It was a fun movie to watch, if you don’t focus too hard on the actual storyline, which in the end doesn’t seem that important when the main focus of the film really, is the formation of the superhero team the Justice League, and the friendships and bonds these members form (at times rather reluctantly.) There were a few interesting Easter eggs thrown in there, especially for DC fans who will surely pick apart the movie. The Justice League nodded their heads to other superheroes that could possibly join the DC universe in the next few years, such as Green Lantern, whose race (The Guardians of the Universe) was shown briefly in a flashback. Overall, I personally recommend viewers to go and see Justice League. It's not perfect but it is an entertaining movie, especially for viewers who already love the superhero genre, even more so for DC fans who have been waiting for this film for several years. Because of the fact that fans have been waiting for a DC team-up film for so long, the pressure and stakes were always extremely high, and therefore the film would have probably never had a perfect score due to these expectations. I for one will say that I laughed during the moments which were meant to make you laugh, and was definitely entertained from beginning to end, despite the film’s somewhat weak villain. Fans of Wonder Woman should enjoy it, as she is an essential part to the movie and most likely has the most screen time aside from Ben Affleck’s brooding Batman.


I would most definitely recommend people go see it and form their own opinions, rather then just listening to what the negative critic reviews are saying. My final words: I liked Justice League a lot, I just didn’t love it.

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