Concert Review: Animals as Leaders

Concert Review: Animals As Leaders

By: Kyle McIntyre

On Tuesday November 7th, Animals as Leaders headlined at the Norva in Norfolk.  They were supported by Carbomb and Periphery, all of whom are known for their own unique sound within the metal scene.

The opening act, Carbomb, began their set with the fan favorite song "Constant Sleep". Instantly, when the riffs roared and vocalist Michael Dafferner released his energetic style of screams, the mosh pit opened up and the crowd went crazy. Despite only playing a seven song set, they hyped up the crowd for the rest of the show.

The second band up on stage was progressive metal giant Periphery. The first song titled "Icarus Lives" is a beautiful yet brutal song from their first album, self titled Periphery. As soon as the song began a giant hole opened up in the middle of the crowd as a flurry of fans threw their arms in the enormous mosh pit.

The set consisted of beautiful singing from Spencer Sotelo, as well as brutal screams and a crazy pig squeal in the song "Prayer Position". With lead guitarist Misha Mansoor playing amazing riffs with rarely seen talent, it was truly a set to remember.

The final band of the night was headliner Animals as Leaders with a djent style that has taken the metal world by storm. They are an instrumental band that includes drummer Matt Gratska, guitarist Javier Reyes and self taught guitar prodigy Tonsi Abasi.

They showed their incredible skill by beginning with the unique song "Arithmophobia". This got the crowd riled up as mosh pits exploded out of nowhere during their heaviest song "Tooth and Claw".

Overall, the entire line up showed incredible skill and knew how to put on a great show. As the show ended and all the fans left, I saw nothing but smiles. For all the metal fans out there make sure to check out all of these amazing bands because they truly put on a show that I will never forget.

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